Steel Band 41" Pull-Up / Chin-Up / CrossFit / Power-Lifting Jump Band (#0 - #5, 5 lb - 150 lb)

A dynamite choice for all my clients, as these bands have a level of workout versatility.  They are easy to travel with, and have a high level of durability so they last!  One of the best companions you can have when it comes to fitness.


Dynamax Medicine Balls  

Nothing beats these.  Great for power and developing upper and lower body strength.  Dynamex is a time-tested company as their products last!  Nothing beats ‘em.

Polar Ft40F Women's Heart Rate Monitor Watch(White)

This is a standard piece of equipment for all my clients, and it should be a standard for anyone working out, as they are a great way to measure your fitness results and progress. You should not be working out without a heart rate monitor.  Polar products are tremendous and these are the gold standard in heart rate monitors.   And they were the first company to do it and do it right. 

Harbinger Beaded Jump Rope

These Harbinger Jump Ropes are long lasting and durable.  Beaded and more balanced then any jump rope I’ve ever used, these Harbinger Jump Ropes are perfectly balanced and don’t tangle.  A good jump rope is the kind of tool that is space efficient and can travel anywhere with you.  And of course, a great cardio workout can begin and end with a jump rope, and THIS is a TREMENDOUS one! 


Polar FT7M Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Sleek!  This is a great choice for a serious athlete or for anyone working out.  Polar does it well as they are proven company and these watches last. 


Polar FT60 Women's Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Purple)

This is a great choice for a serious athlete or for anyone working out.  Polar does it well as they are proven company and these watches last.


Milliken Medical - OMR183 - Omron Body Fat Analyzer - Hand Held

Don’t like to get pinched every time you are measuring your body fat?  Join the club.  That’s why this is a great non invasive alternative for measuring body mass and calculating BMI.


SKLZ SpeedSac Loaded Sprint Trainer

SpeedSac Loaded rocks!  An excellent tool that I highly recommend.  It’s a tremendous asset for those interested in developing speed.  You can use ‘em anywhere – from grass in a park to wood in a gym.  They are durable AND they come with a workout routine.. 

Thera-Band Exercise Balls - SDS Anti-Burst Exercise Balls

I use ‘em exclusively as they are perfect for any workout environment – from the home or office to the outdoors.  Durable, these balls last and don’t burst.  They are great for a diverse workout – both upper and lower body.


Valeo HW10 10-Pound Neoprene Hand Weights

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, these are the dumbbells for you.  Durable covers to not dent, these dumbbells are perfect for a customized treadmill routine.  The casing covers are also good for comfort, as they don’t get cold.


Valeo Foam Exercise Mat

I love it because it is easy to carry and travel with thanks to the straps.  It’s also thicker then a usual mat and easy to clean.   I recommend it to my clients, as it’s a product and brand, Valeo that I’ve learned to trust the most. 

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)

Want to have a complete dumbbell set, but don’t have the space?  Not a problem, thanks to this Bowflex set that is a tremendous space saver.  You have a complete set (from 5 to 50 pounds) of dumbbells that adjust s to meet the space needs of a home.  They look good and they last long! 

Black Mountain Products Yoga Mat Exercise Mat- Ultra Thick 1/4" Long 72"

Anyone doing yoga doesn’t want to work on a mat that slips.  These solve that problem.  They’re also easy to clean and well designed to eliminate some of the other typical problem that you’ll face with your average mat.  When I added yoga to my exercise routine, these are the mats that I chose.

Radius Scuba Right Hand Toothbrush, Soft Bristles, (Adult), Colors May Vary

Oral health is wildly important to your overall health and should not be ignored.  I highly recommend this toothbrush exclusively.

Champro Reaction Ball

Champro’s Reaction Ball rules.  Used by two people, they are fun, and prove that timing is everything.  They help increase reaction speed and put quickness in the spotlight.  These are durable and will last a long time.

Agility Training Ladder

Want to improve foot speed and agility?  Then, this is a great choice.  The Agility Training Ladder is an awesome tool for outdoor training and adding diversity into your workout.  Highly recommend it!

Muscle Driver MD Plyo Hurdle 18"

Hurdles are the best to improve hip mobility, one of the best things you can do for your body.  These last and are durable.  They are a great space saver for storage and no exercise is better suited to improve initial pickup then hurdling.

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves

I recommend these gloves to any client that has boxing in their workout routine.  Title gloves have a fantastic reputation among the pros for good reason.  They are simple slip on gloves for hitting the bag, and they are comfortable with a maximum amount of cushioning for less likely injury to your hands.

TITLE Aerobic Shadow Boxer

Title’s Aerobic Shadow Boxer is a fantastic tool for developing upper body strength and endurance.  They assist in conditioning you as they add resistance to your punches.  And again, you’ve got a proven company with Title.  I highly recommend this and other Title products to my clients.

The Step Original Health Club Step Aerobic Trainer

A classic piece of equipment, The Step is a brilliant exercise tool and space-reducing piece of equipment.  There are 1000’s of videos as well all focused around this equipment that you could access at any time.  A wonderful tool for legs and upper bodywork, there’s no way I couldn’t include it in Shop Fitness.

Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower

If you’re looking to develop upper and lower body endurance, then the Stamina Rower is a great fit.  Both a serious space save and a power asset to have at home, Stamina’s Air Rower is awesome particularly on those days when you can’t make it to the gym.  Simply, 20 or 30 minutes on this and you’ve had a great cardio workout.

Adjustable Speed and Agility Hurdle Cone Set

Whether you’re a student athlete, a pro, or someone that has athletic aspirations, I highly recommend investing in a set of adjust hurdles.  These work to increase your agility and speed.  One of the better products out there, this is a tremendous asset!

SKLZ Lateral Resistor Strength and Position trainer

My secret weapon for resistance, this will give you amazing results as it improves lateral speed.  The ladies will love it to, as it will tighten your thighs.  If you’re a boxer, you’ll also get a great workout tool for position your feet.  It’s perfect for the average person and for the pro athlete!

Perfect Pushup – Original

It’s hard to know whether a popular product is based on a good advertising campaign or based on the results it brings you.  I must say though that after years of trying lots of push up devices, the Perfect Pushup measures up!  It works your muscles in a number of effective ways, helps you maintain proper form and it’s a great space saver.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Chin ups and pull-ups are the cornerstone of a good workout routine for my clients and myself.  The Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout is therefore something that I highly recommend.  It is durable, it can hold over 200 pounds and it’s a great space saver.

Harbinger 155 Power StretchBack Glove (Black)

You want to avoid destroying your hands with serious lifting.  These gloves will do it, effectively helping to avoid callous tendencies that you’ll face by lifting harsh weights.  Loose with open fingers, they are good for a strong grip and perfect for heavy-duty weight training.

Harbinger 149 Women's Pro Wash & Dry Weight Lifting Gloves

Women that lift want to preserve their hands and for good reason.  I recommend these gloves from Harbinger as they are easy to wash and maintain.  These are great choice and I highly recommend them to my female clients.

SPRI  ES502@ Xertube Resistance Bands

A great piece of total body equipment!  There are a ton of workout routines that these bands work for and they travel well.  If you’re looking for one piece of equipment for your back, chest, triceps, biceps and more, you can’t go wrong with these.

SPRI Red and Blue Xerings

SPRI Xerings are great to add a high level of resistance for a tremendous lower body workout.  You have diversity in what you want to use them for and they last.  I highly recommend ‘em!