Tarik Tyler’s personal training sessions are designed to stimulate a variety of physical and mental abilities so that clients are capable of handling whatever life brings their way.  A firm believer in training from the inside out, sessions with Tarik are designed to start inward and work outward.  Actors, athletes, executives and motivated people benefit from Tarik’s workouts by discovering strengths, removing weaknesses and putting themselves in a position to dominate reality.


Prior to starting a training program, Tarik walks clients through an extensive assessment to determine the correct starting point. 

Assessment protocol includes:

·         Body Fat Analysis

·         Personal and Medical Health History

·         Strength and Endurance Tests

·         ROM (Range of Motion) Assessment/Circumference measurement

Once the assessment has been done the work begins on getting you RESULTS.  And the bottom line to a successful training program is RESULTS.  That’s how you can tell that your workouts are working.  “Anybody can take you through a workout, but not everyone takes your need to see and feel RESULTS as seriously as I do.”

Ultra Body Fitness is the gym of choice for Tarik.  The Hollywood facility provides the perfect environment for clients, groups, and teams to work safely, securely, and with the necessary elements to meet goals.


If life commitments make it difficult to work with Tarik on a consistent basis then having a personalized program created just for you is your best step.  Tarik can design a myriad of exercise programs for fat loss, general fitness, and athletic improvement.  Programs can be designed in blocks of four, six, eight, and twelve week blocks.  Each block is designed to get RESULTS within the allotted time.


The private team is of special design and is by INVITE ONLY!  The maximum amount of participants that can take part in this is six people.  This private team training incorporates intense signature exercise routines to build strength, endurance, agility and most importantly, group unity.  Each person selected to take part is willing to bring out the best in themselves and also other members of the group.

Tarik’s corporate fitness program is there to answer the need for businesses to limit the cost spent on healthcare and work towards a more sound policy of health maintenance.  Tarik establishes a regularly supervised exercise program for your business to help employees improve their health.  With regularly scheduled “fit checks” and corporate fitness challenges, Tarik is able to affect the waistline while improving your bottom line.”


Working to better the community is a passion that Tarik Tyler takes seriously.  For years, he’s put his knowledge and expertise to use for at-risk youth programs throughout the country as well as lending his talents to assisting adults in urban communities learn the power of fitness and lifestyle changes.

Currently Tarik is working hand-in-hand with the LA Urban League and their Fit for Life Program, a free wellness initiative to assist with community fitness goals.  The program boasts a powerful two-hour block of exercise time for participants with their progress accounted for and charted along the way. 

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