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Tarik Tyler’s Dirty 30: Heavy Bag Slam Drill
And yes it's another segment of what we do in the "DIRTY30" outdoor workout experience. This is a high instensity anerobic drill designed to build strength and stamina. We invite athletes and average joes and janes to take the Dirty 30 day challenge. Our motto is "Train like the pros without the blows."

Tarik Tyler’s Dirty 30: Tire Press and Throw
Another installment in my "Dirty 30 " workout series. it took alot of strength to stabalize the tire before I threw it. It really worked my shoulders good. This is a workout class NOT A BOOTCAMP!

Tarik Tyler’s Dirty 30: Sledgehammer Drill
Another sample of Tarik Tyler's "Dirty 30" outdoor workout drills. This is in Los Angeles.

Tarik Tyler’s Dirty 30: Tire Sprint Exercise
Another segment of the "Dirty 30" outdoor workout experiment . We are in Los Angeles @ Pan Pacific Park.

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