Tarik Tyler is leading a new generation of celebrity fitness trainers.  With an unprecedented amount of knowledge on sculpting the body, nutrition, and holistic wellness, Tarik’s reach is wide and effective as he touches the lives of both private clients and a global audience through the television, radio, web, and print.  With all of these mediums in place, it guarantees that at any time of the day, Tarik Tyler is inspiring an audience to become healthy and fit.

To many, Tarik is best known as the fitness trainer on ABC’s “Shaq’s Big Challenge” or VH1s “From Flab to Fab.”   He has also been featured in countless magazines, including Allure, People and Vogue.  And as the host of radio’s R.E.A.L. Fitness with Tarik Tyler, a worldwide listenership is experiencing his unique approach to empowerment through fitness.

Armed with several fitness certifications and a passionate desire to help people achieve their personal fitness goals, Tarik began creating fitness programs for some of the country’s most prestigious fitness centers, including Soho Training Center in New York and Crunch Fitness in Los Angeles.

Once in Los Angeles, Tarik wowed the celebrity clientele at Crunch Finess by working ahead of the curve and creating specialized functional training, core fitness, and balance and stability drills as a part of his signature “Tarik Tyler” training regimen.  Soon, Tarik built a celebrity following and began working as a personal trainer.  He’s worked with Kate Hudson, Tracey Morgan, Lindsey Price, Tomiko Fraser and many more.


Tarik is dedicated to serving others in the community.  Working extensively with several charities over his career, he currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Foundation for Second Chances, where he mentors youth to become physically and mentally strong and healthy.   “I work hard to bring the most dynamic, life changing, and thought provoking workouts to the world.  I am dedicating my life to empowering others to take charge and in doing so, help others to do the same.  My gift is my unrelenting spirit that pushes, teaches, uplifts and will not compromise on achieving the highest goals,” Tarik states.

A Los Angeles resident, Tarik splits time between personal and group training and broadcast appearances.  He is currently producing a television documentary on obesity that is slated for release in 2012.

photos by FLAV PHOTOS